Professional Deep Cleaning Services in Okemos, MI

BASIC CLEAN (Recurring or One-Time Cleaning)

  • Refrigerator top and appliance exteriors cleaned; microwave interior disinfected.
  • Eliminate dust and cobwebs for a refreshed, inviting atmosphere.
  • Maintain pristine blinds and window sills for clear views.
  • Showcase your home’s charm with dust-free moldings and woodwork.
  • Protect your baseboards with a thorough dusting.
  • Revitalize lamps and lampshades for optimal brightness.
  • Restore the sparkle to pictures and decorative items.
  • Enjoy gleaming, dust-free furniture (vacuuming included).
  • Maintain a spotless refrigerator top for a polished kitchen.
  • Experience the gleam of clean appliances, including a spotless microwave interior.
  • Promote a healthy home with disinfected sinks.
  • Enhance bathroom ambiance with sparkling clean mirrors.
  • Pristine tub/shower and gleaming tile clean.
  • Maintain fresh bathroom counters and fixtures.
  • Dispose of clutter with wastebasket emptying.
  • Neatly make beds (master and one additional).
  • Maintain pristine stairs with expert vacuuming and dusting (if wooden).
  • Thoroughly vacuumed and/or mopped floors.
  • Eliminate dust and allergens from all carpeted areas.

It is presumed that the home will be in order and somewhat picked up to facilitate heavy cleaning.

DEEP CLEAN (First Time, One-Time, or Special Request Cleaning)

Tackle stubborn grime and hidden dirt with our professional deep cleaning services for your Okemos home. In addition to a top-to-bottom basic clean, we’ll target:

  • Ceiling fans sparkling clean for improved air circulation.
  • Light fixtures gleaming—maximize brightness throughout your space.
  • Blinds and shutters free from dust for a refreshed, open feel.
  • Moldings, woodwork, window sills made pristine—details that make a difference.
  • Baseboards meticulously cleaned without furniture moving.
  • Lampshades and lamps dust-free for a well-lit ambiance.
  • Pictures and décor items restored to their original shine.
  • Furniture polished to perfection—every surface enhanced.
  • Stovetop and drip pans spotless for easy, enjoyable cooking.
  • Cabinet fronts gleaming for a welcoming kitchen.
  • Doors and trim dirt-free for a polished look.
  • Light switch plates sanitized for improved hygiene.
  • Countertops and backsplashes gleaming for a clean, healthy kitchen.
  • Mirrors crystal clear for maximum light reflection.
  • Tub/shower tiles deeply cleaned for a spotless, spa-like feel.
  • Wastebaskets emptied and refreshed for a sanitary space.
  • All beds expertly made for a restful and tidy retreat.
  • Stairs meticulously vacuumed and washed for a welcoming entry.
  • Floors thoroughly cleaned (vacuum/mop) including carpet edges for a well-maintained home.

*Our professional cleaners prioritize safety and will use a two-step ladder for most cleaning tasks. To reach higher spots, we’re equipped with extension dusters for efficient cleaning.

The Fine Print:

  • We focus on cleaning every accessible surface, but we can’t move furniture.
  • Our cleaning technicians prioritize safety and utilize a two-step maximum for step stools. 
  • Specialized services are available for chandeliers and extra-high areas.
  • We’ll gladly provide a cleaning estimate for mini-blinds with excessive dust buildup, as these may require additional time.
  • Our cleaning processes are designed to minimize dust, but light resettling is normal.
  • Appointments guarantee our availability and streamline your cleaning experience. A $50 fee applies to last-minute cancellations or inaccessible properties.
  • We specialize in cleaning services; laundry services are not currently offered

Get your home sparkling clean with our professional deep cleaning services. Our Okemos house cleaners tackle the grime you don’t have time for, leaving you with a fresh, healthy space. Contact us today to receive a free estimate!

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