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Elevate your living space with our comprehensive housekeeping services in Brighton. We meticulously tailor each house cleaning to your unique needs and expectations, ensuring the deepest clean for your kitchen, bathrooms, and beyond. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time appointments to reclaim your free time and enjoy a sparkling home.

Kitchen and Laundry
  • Thoroughly dust all hanging lights, removing cobwebs and cleaning with Windex where necessary.
  • Clean countertops and backsplash, removing all items, cleaning them, and replacing them.
  • Wash cabinet and cupboard fronts.
  • Scrub sinks thoroughly, including behind the sink, the underside of the faucet, sink drains, leaving them shining.
  • Gather all dishes found around the house and either load them in the dishwasher or wash by hand. In case of excessive dishes, clean them but leave a note: “We washed all the dishes (or loaded them) today. For regular dishwashing services, please contact the office for pricing details.” Record on the work order that additional dishwashing was done.
  • Clean the outside of the oven, including under drip pans and the inside ledge of the door (note: cleaning inside the oven incurs an extra charge). Also clean the burner and under the range top.
  • Clean both inside and outside of the microwave, wash the coffee pot and the area beneath it.
  • Clean the outside of the refrigerator, including the top, inside ledges of doors, handles, and water dispenser.
  • Wipe clean window sills and tracks.
  • Wash blinds and dust valances.
  • Wash baseboards, including corners and edges of floors.
  • Sweep and wash the floor, including areas around and under cupboards.
  • Wash morning dishes or load the dishwasher; clean the dish drainer.
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen table and chairs, including the pedestal of the table, and legs and backs of chairs, as well as the base and spindles.
  • Clean high chairs.
  • Clean both inside and outside of door walls, including the tracks.
  • Fold towels in a tri-fold manner and hang them straight.
  • Wipe down the washer and dryer.
  • Clean and organize the supply closet as needed.
  • Empty trash and clean the can.
  • Dust cobwebs, light fixtures, and ceiling vents.
  • Scrub and rinse tub, shower tiles, and sinks; leave surfaces shining.
  • Clean soap dishes, countertop bottles, and holders.
  • Thoroughly scrub toilets inside and out, including base and rear.
  • Wipe countertops, including underneath items and the items themselves.
  • Clean all cupboard fronts.
  • Use Windex on mirrors, shower doors (including tops and tracks), and picture glass.
  • Dust window sills, blinds, and valances.
  • Clean toilet bowl brush holder and toilet paper holder.
  • Wash baseboards, water valves, area behind toilet, and toilet’s bottom.
  • Neatly tri-fold towels and hang them straight.
  • Sweep floors, then wash them by hand.
  • Fold the edge of the toilet paper.
  • Empty trash and clean the can.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Clean baseboards.
  • Clean both sides of entry glass and pictures with Windex.
  • Dust picture frames and clean the glass.
  • Vacuum stairs, clean woodwork and banister, and edge stairs.
  • Vacuum or sweep floors.
  • Dust all areas for cobwebs.
  • Ensure beds are properly made, change linens if provided.
  • Dust all furniture, including top, front, and underneath surfaces, as well as ledges.
  • Move items to dust both the surface and the item, then replace them.
  • Clean mirrors with Windex and dust their frames.
  • Dust window sills, blinds, and valances.
  • Remove fingerprints from doors, frames, walls, and switch plates.
  • Thoroughly wash all baseboards.
  • Vacuum carpets, including under the bed when accessible.
  • Maintain a tidy overall appearance of the room.
  • Clean ceiling fans.
  • Empty trash and wash the can as necessary.
All Areas:
  • Cobweb removal from all areas, including behind furniture.
  • Dusting of ceiling fans and vents.
  • Dusting of all furniture surfaces and items on them.
  • Cleaning and dusting of picture frames, including glass.
  • Washing of window sills, dusting of blinds and valances.
  • Straightening and vacuuming of couch cushions, including underneath.
  • Organization of newspapers, magazines, books, blankets, and throws.
  • Wiping down or dusting of lamp shades.
  • Cleaning fingerprints from walls, doors, door frames, and switch plates.
  • Dusting the TV screen.
  • Wiping down baseboards; ensuring closet floors are clean.
  • Vacuuming and edging of carpets.
  • Emptying trash and washing trash can if necessary.
  • Mopping of hardwood or tile floors in specified areas.
  • Maintaining a neat and tidy overall appearance of the room.
  • Cleaning of door walls and tracks.
  • Cleaning fireplace glass.

The Fine Print:
• Furniture movement is not included. We clean by hand or use extension dusters to clean reachable areas. Our cleaners do not use ladders beyond a 2-step stool for safety reasons.
• Chandeliers and vaulted ceiling fans beyond hand reach are excluded. Chandelier cleaning is available with our window cleaning services.
• Mini-blind cleaning results may vary, and heavy accumulation might incur extra charges.
• Post-cleaning dust resettlement is possible; we aim to minimize airborne dust but cannot completely eliminate it.
• Brighton maid services are strictly by appointment. A $50 service fee applies if access is denied or if turned away at the scheduled cleaning time.
• Laundry services are not offered.

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